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Demo Reels
Frequently Ask Questions
      At Crystal Benchmark we believe every reel should be a microcosmic explosion of personality. That's why our scripts are tailor-made for each voice actor. No concepts, sound designs or music will feature in any other reel - this is your unique sonic signature.

What Does the Process of Making a Voice-Over Reel Entail?

Step 1 - Scripting
      First we start with getting to know you, your goals and the specific field you're working in; Narration/Audiobooks, TV or Radio Ads, E-Learning content or Gaming and Animation for example. I will then go away and write an excess of scripts. For instance, a Commercial Reel consisting of 8 final tracks or CASES, will start with between 10 and 12 scripts. Alternatively, we also offer "design-only" packages where you provide a script.
Step 2 - Recording
      When you are sure we have the best scripts to convey your range, it's time to record. Many artists will record from their own studio, but you are equally welcome to come to the Crystal Benchmark Studio in Buckinghamshire, SE England and record live with me. However you choose to record, I will be there to guide you in real-time so we can ensure that we captured the best take possible.

Step 3 - Designing
      When we have all the recordings I will go away and make the take selections, edit the dialogue, add sound design and music, do a rough mix and deliver what I call a "Super-Cut" of all the scripts as one long reel.

Step 4 - Mastering
      When you have decided on which scripts you want to keep, which can go and which could do with a little tweak, we can talk all-important order. I will deliver as many different orders or revisions as necessary to get it just right. When you're happy, I master the final reel and each individual track or CASE and deliver in both WAV & mp3 formats.
But What if I Want a Reel You Haven't Mentioned?
Custom Extras
      If you want to do tw
o very similar reels for different accents, maybe a variety reel of all styles or a very specific niche reel, such as Medical or Theatre Public Address, please let me know and I can always accommodate. There's no reel too wonderful or too wacky!
How Long Does A Voice-Over Reel Take to Create?
      We can turn a reel around in as little as a week or less, but most reels take between two and three weeks total, from concept to master.

All audio is exported in 24bit 48kbps resolution WAV & 320kb/s MP3

Revisions are charged on a case-by-case basis

Stems are available on request

All Content Rights are reserved Henry Ley as a sole trader

All Content traded with Commercial Rights only

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