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Demo Reels
1x FREE Audio Consultation [1 Hour]
For advice on your demo reel, get in touch here to claim your
For advice on Recording Technique, Equipment Recommendations, Editing, VSTs and DAWs, Crystal Benchmark is here to help.
I also offer beginner and intermediate training for Dialogue Editing
(Skype/Discord/GMeets/Zoom/Whatsapp) - £40/hr
Script, Record, Design & Master
(We Take Care of Everything)
1 Reel - £385
2 Reels - £600
3 Reels - £950
4 Reels - £1150
Record, Design & Master Only
(You Provide the Script)
1 Reel - £300
2 Reels - £500
3 Reels - £750
4 Reels - £1000
      Recording can take place with your equipment in your home studio, or you can come to Crystal Benchmark in Buckinghamshire, SE England and use our equipment instead. The price is the same, and I'll be with you either way to make sure we're getting the best takes possible.

All audio is exported in 24bit 48kbps resolution WAV & 320kb/s MP3

Revisions are charged on a case-by-case basis

Stems are available on request

All Content Rights are reserved Henry Ley as a sole trader

All Content traded with Commercial Rights only

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